Remarkably, we live in a time when any skill, no matter how complex or obscure, can be self-taught. This relatively recent development calls into question the role of post-secondary education, particularly in the creative arts.

With this in mind, I built DAS; a creative learning community where artists would receive both the technical skills they need to create digital art, as well as the opportunity to exhibit their work.

DAS' pedagogy is shaped by a non-hierarchical, project-based approach to learning. This means students learn through the collaborative execution of projects that stress innovative approaches to problem-solving.

Whether you're seeking to learn a new digital medium or enhance the skills you have, I think you'll find what you need at DAS.


Nathaniel Garcia

Nathaniel Garcia is a digital media artist and education scholar. He has worked as an editor and motion graphic designer on short films, commercials and art videos that have been exhibited around the world.