Create your own E-Zine

Have you been thinking about starting your own E-zine and Blog? It doesn’t have to be overwhelming!

Millions of people are working from home and they're more plugged in then ever. There's no time like the present to start an online magazine can help establish you as a thought-leader your area, provide value to your audience and make money for you and your business.

This course will help you get on the path you need to run a successful E-zine (or blog). You will learn everything you need to know you’ll learn the basics of creating your own online magazine or blog (and potentially taking it into print), while having an experienced teacher helping guide you through your vision. 

I will help you with finding your niche, deciding your business model, creating content, putting together a team and getting your stories read. 

Class size: 12

Price:  $200*

Sessions: 8 sessions, 3 hrs each

All Ages

Class will meet Online via Zoom twice a week for 4 weeks.

Feel confident in starting your own E-zine by the end of class you will leave with these:

• Basic knowledge of building a website with Wordpress. 

• Basic knowledge of AP-style writing. 

• Story structures. 

• The differences between an advertising-based and subscription-based model.

• Using social media to promote your stories.

• Basic photoshop for sizing images and creating a simple magazine logo.

• Finding the balance between the stories that will shape your audience and the stories that will grow your audience. 

• The benefits and disadvantages of taking your online magazine into print.