This film festival is a celebration of the experimental microshort. What counts as a microshort? Anything under 3 minutes. What counts as experimental? Almost anything so long as it is outside of the mainstream. Maybe it's something unclassifiable, weird, confusing, non-linear. Perhaps it's animated. Perhaps it's live action. It's all good. But the main thing is that it be truly unique.

Your video will be displayed on a loop throughout the month of March with an opening on March 7th in the exhibition space that is DAS NYC located in Bushwick, Brooklyn.


Tamar Giligashvili 



Alberto Roblest


Awakening Winds            

Josue Martinez 


Destruction Art on the Railway: The Indomitable Arsonist Working-Class Hero in Action   

Saulo Alencastre 


Forgive me

Cucho L. Capilla



Joshua Greene



Jean-Marie Villeneuve


Blue Chamber                

Christopher Thompson 


Positive on nowness            

Hadi Moussally

I Dropped My Cookie Today       

 Hannah Kim 

Queen of Dots                

Michael Lyons 


Film Loop 31: Shisendo             

Michael Lyons  

Spantzo Horse Revel  



Shanghai  NO. 1    Department Store

Nathaniel Garcia

Rẻtro 02                   

Robin Dupuis 

KITTEN VS. BALL (vs Time Travel and the Meaning of Existence) 

Ian johnston



Faiyaz Jafri

Maybe September            

Alex Slentz


Josephine Ehlert 

Natural Fiction                

Shan Xu

Prime perfect squared (prime perfect 2)    

Tom Bessoir

Open The Blind (in Spectrum)        

Atobe Hiroshi-


Hadi Moussally

I don’t know if i'm coming or going        Roger Horn

Text Shots                Venise Stephenson

THE BOUDOIR                David Latreille

Tenderfluid                Liberty Antonia Sadler

File 38                    Craig Smith

Seed Connection                 Yejin Yoo

The Self Into the Eye            Davide Vanacore

 International Voice Memo (Night)         Roger Horn

You’re So                Kiana Ortega

Visitor                     Jeremy Smith

WABI-SABI                 Shan Xu

Cannot                    Kelly Tang

Dialogue With The Previous          Noemi Krausová